Lake Ouachita

The most beautiful lake in Arkansas since 1953.

Welcome to Lake Ouachita! You have found the most beautiful lake in Arkansas.

Lake Ouachita is one of the most beautiful lakes in the United States. Located in western Arkansas, near Hot Springs, Lake Ouachita stretches for over 40,000 surface acres. This clear lake is very popular for camping, fishing, skiing, scuba diving, and recreational boating. There are plenty of resorts, marinas, parks, hiking trails, and more located around the lake.

This beautiful lake is surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest which adds to the the breathtaking scenery. There are many islands across the lake that are perfect for camping. With clear, cool waters and miles of shoreline, this is an outdoors-man’s paradise.

One of the most popular things to do is camp on one of the over 200 islands on Lake Ouachita.  The campers are encouraged to leave no trace while camping on one of the many islands on the lake.  If you carry it in with you, please carry it out.  Also, please use biodegradable soap and toothpaste.

Lake Ouachita State Park

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Beautiful Marinas

Lake Ouachita is surrounded by wonderful marinas and resorts.  The marinas not only have boat storage, they often have restaurants and lodging.  Below are a few of the best marinas on the lake.

Brady Mountain Marina

Brady Mountain Marina and Resort is one of the nicest marinas on the lake.  You can find more information right here.

Crystal Springs Marina

Crystal Springs Marina and Resort is one of our favorite marinas on the lake.  You will also find excellent dining with a view at the onsite restaurant.

Mountain Harbor Marina

Mountain Harbor Resort and Marina is an excellent full-service marina on the south side of Lake Ouachita.  Find more information right here.

World Class Hiking

There is world class hiking and mountain biking all around Lake Ouachita.  The most popular trail is the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail.  This trail extends for roughly 45 miles along the southern shores of Lake Ouachita.  The trail connects most of the resorts and campgrounds on the southern side of Lake Ouachita.  One of the highlights of the trail is the view from Hickory Nut Mountain.  From this mountain you will find beautiful views of the entire lake.

Amazing Camping

There are campgrounds of all shapes and sizes surrounding Lake Ouachita.  From Lake Ouachita State Park to the many Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds, you will find beautiful campsites, beaches, trails, and recreation areas all around the lake.  Below are a few of our favorite campgrounds.

Tompkins Bend Campground

Tompkins Bend is a wonderful campground for either RV camping or tent camping.

Joplin Campground

Joplin Recreation Area boasts some of the best camping on the lake and some of the best views of Lake Ouachita.

Crystal Springs Campground

Crystal Springs Campground and Recreation Area is one of our favorite on the lake.  There are beautiful campsites and the best beach on the lake.